BOOT CAMP Online Live – Registration Now Open Worldwide

Coronavirus Policy: Take BOOT CAMP Live Online Now, Attend In-Person for Free Later

Now is the time for flexibility and resourcefulness to rise above difficult circumstances.

Nothing beats live, in-person instructor-led training in a classroom environment… except not having to worry about quarantines.

For those working from home, Teracom BOOT CAMP Live Online is the next best thing while we wait for things to get back to a new normal.

  • No travel required.
  • Anyone worldwide can take BOOT CAMP.
  • Live interactive group training, guaranteed coronavirus-free!
  • You will be part of a class.
  • You will be able to see and hear everyone else.
  • We’ll ship you the high-quality printed color course books in advance.
  • The instructor will stand up at the front of the room and teach the class like any other BOOT CAMP.
  • The instructor will keep you focused, so you learn, like any other BOOT CAMP.
  • You can ask the instructor questions, like any other BOOT CAMP.
  • The class will run on a schedule: 9 – 5 Monday to Friday, with scheduled breaks, like any other BOOT CAMP.
  • Later, once they resume, you have the option of attending any public BOOT CAMP seminar for free.
  • You get immediate access to three TCO Certification Packages, with their online courses.
  • All you need is a laptop with a webcam.

This is an ideal time to get the training you need!

You’ll immediately get the course materials shipped to you: two printed color books totaling over 500 pages with copies of all graphics and detailed text notes.  You will also get immediate access to the included TCO Certification Packages: CTNS, CTA and CVA and all of their online courses.

You’ll get the full BOOT CAMP with our top instructor, as close as you can get without actually being there.

And, once they resume, you can optionally bring your books and attend for free any seminar.

If you are an international participant, this is your opportunity to take BOOT CAMP if you can’t travel to the USA for a public seminar.  No travel visa required!

If that’s not enough, in many cases, it won’t be hard to convince your boss this will be an excellent time to “go on course” while things are slow. Later, if you like, use your free pass to attend BOOT CAMP Hawaii September, Washington DC, Chicago, Orange County or any other scheduled seminar.

Upcoming classes:
BOOT CAMP LIVE ONLINE April 6 – April 10  Eastern Time Zone (EDT, GMT-4)
BOOT CAMP LIVE ONLINE April 27 – May 1   Pacific Time Zone (PDT, GMT-7)
BOOT CAMP LIVE ONLINE May 11 – May 15 Eastern Time Zone (EDT, GMT-4)
BOOT CAMP LIVE ONLINE June 1 – June 5     Pacific Time Zone (PDT, GMT-7)

Carpe diem!