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Washington DC January 23-27 2023

Time for a change of scenery and career-enhancing training!  

Live, in-person, in-classroom training is the gold standard in training: the best you can get.

Attendees often network, and go out to lunch together.

Stretch your legs in the evening with a stroll along the reflecting pool, or checking out the scene of the crimes at the Capitol!

Here’s a copy-and-paste training request letter.

BOOT CAMP Live Online
December 5-9 2022

BOOT CAMP Live Online, also called a virtual telecom course, has been so well received, what we thought was a temporary solution for the pandemic is scheduled on an ongoing basis.

Advantages like:

  • Significant cost savings
  • High-quality color course books shipped directly to students
  • Get dispersed team members up to a common speed
  • Well-suited to work from home
  • No travel costs
  • Online courses and certifications included

are budget-friendly and appreciated by management.

Here is a cut-and-paste training request form to send to your boss!

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