CTSME – Certified Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert

You can become a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT4 Certifications from Teracom Training.  CTNS, CVA, CWA, and CTA all bundled into one package.  Check out this amazing deal today!

Passing the four exams earns you the distinctive CTSME

designation, with a hand-signed and sealed certificate printed on acid-free paper suitable for framing, plus a personal letter of reference explaining the very broad and very deep knowledge you have to offer.

Unlimited repeats of exams means guaranteed to pass.  Unlimited repeats of courses means refresh your knowledge anytime, jump in and out of courses as needed.

Is Teracom Course 133 – Fundamentals of VoIP & IP Telecom Networks Right for ME?

Teracom Training course 133 – a new course on all there is to know about VoIP.

VoIP 3 day public seminar course – lead by top notch instructors.

Comprehensive three-day course for non-engineers getting you up to speed on Voice over IP and the network it runs on.  Understand the jargon and technologies, and most importantly, the underlying ideas.  CVA  certification included.

The best you can get!  Get out of the office and away from distractions to learn and retain more with live, in-person instructor-led training in classroom environment with this three-day course.

Includes career- and productivity-enhancing training, 300-page printed course book with detailed notes, TCO Certified VoIP Analyst (CVA) Certification Package Unlimited Plan online courses and exam.  $1495.

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NEW! Course 133 Fundamentals of VoIP & IP Telecom Networks

Fundamentals of VoIP & IP Telecom Networks is a three-day vendor‑independent training course covering all aspects of Voice over IP and the network it runs on… in plain English.

Specifically designed for non-engineering professionals, this course will fill in the gaps and get you up to speed on all of the fundamental concepts and technologies involved with Voice over IP and telecom networks.

  • Learn what all of the VoIP jargon and buzzwords mean,
  • How VoIP works end-to-end & the components involved
  • Fundamentals of the network VoIP runs on
  • Who supplies what, and how it all fits together
  • Best practices, tips and tricks for migration & deployment
  • Case studies and class exercises cement your knowledge
  • Bonus: six online CVA courses and TCO
    Certified VoIP Analyst (CVA) certification included

Get a solid knowledge base to build on… structured, complete knowledge you can’t get on the job, reading articles or talking to vendors.

Eliminate buzzword frustration, and gain the knowledge to be confident!

This is career-enhancing knowledge that lasts a lifetime, and training that will be repaid many times over in increased accuracy and productivity.

Full course description with detailed outline

Top-ranked instructor, three days in the classroom, 300‑page course book with detailed notes, bonus CVA Online Courses, TCO CVA Certification.  $1495.

With numerous case studies and class exercises, you will learn how a VoIP call is set up and carried end-to-end, how an organization saves money moving to softswitches and SIP trunking, project management, best practices and more.

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Bonus! TCO Certified VoIP Analyst (CVA) Certification included! 
Six online courses & CVA Certification Exam, both with unlimited repeats