Course 101 Content and Schedule Update

Our famous instructor-led training Course 101 “Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineering Professionals” covers the key knowledge set required in the telecom business… so must be updated regularly.When the course was first written 20 years ago, the Internet did not exist. In the lastest update, the basics of Voice over IP are in the “Fundamentals of Telephony” chapter!

To quote Loretta Lynn: We’ve come a long way, baby!

Check out the new outline.

The latest edition reflects how “convergence” has finally been achieved by treating voice and video like data, in IP packets.

VoIP is promoted to “fundamentals”, channelized TDM and SONET is demoted to “legacy technology”, replaced with IP/Ethernet backbones. Other updates include fiber to the home, and VDSL and DOCSIS 3.1 for the last mile.

As always, our goal is to bust the buzzwords, demystify jargon, understand technologies and mainstream solutions and – most importantly – the ideas underlying all of this, and how it all works together, in plain English … knowledge you can’t get on the job, talking to vendors or reading articles.

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