Student Evaluation from the most recent BOOT CAMP Live Online

Name: Michelle Rose
Organization: tbaytel
Date: June 16, 2021

Instructor’s Knowledge of Subject: Excellent
Instructor’s Presentation: Excellent
Course Materials: Excellent   
Live Online Facility (Zoom): Excellent
Overall Rating: Excellent

I work in telecom, mainly with Business wireline services.  I’ve worked in the industry for 15 years, however new to the business wireline side of things.  I work for a telecom company that sells, telephone, internet, DTV, security, mobility services. SO although some portions of the course were technical, I felt that the overall course was very helpful, providing a history overview as well as covering all sorts of technology. 

I liked the size of the group attending (very manageable) , the discussions we had, and found the diversity of those attending widespread.  It was nice to hear everyone’s point of view and the backgrounds they come from.

Instructor Richard was comical, and EXTREMELY knowledgeable.  I appreciate the fact he was able to “dumb things down” to a level someone like myself could understand.   Some portions of the course weren’t directly applicable to me personally but the majority was helpful and I will continue to use the book for reference in the future.  I’d love to tap into his brain and steal a bit of the knowledge he has.

Next Boot Camp:
In-Person Washington, DC Aug 16-20
Live Online Aug 23-27

Digitally-Signed Email: Authentication and Digital Signatures

E-mail was one of the first “killer apps” on the Internet, and has been a major contributor to increases in productivity over the past ten years. Of course, along with email came the scourge of spam. Criminals infect computers with trojan horse programs, creating collections of machines they control remotely to send millions of unsolicited offers for fake watches, pirated software, phony medications and ecard invitations to infect your computer.

As spam reaches 30, 40 or even 100 unwanted messages per day on a targeted account, it is becoming essential to automatically separate legitimate messages from spam. One tool available to senders of legitimate emails to aid the recipient in this process is to digitally sign their messages, allowing the recipient to establish a level of comfort that the message actually came from the indicated sender.

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